I believe these are all of the posters I created for the indecsribably wonderful monthly poetry series at Al's Bar, created and hosted by author Eric Scott Sutherland.

I stopped after #50, when the poster making duties were taken over by the talented photographer and artist Mellisa Carter,

I came back to design a handful, ending with the last one of the monthly series, Holler 100.

The art on these reflect wonderful nights with friends and authors

and musicians and characters I love and respect,

as well as where I might have been

in my career, using a piece of

a movie or mural

I was working on at the time,

or a closeup of a crazy quilt my grandmother made out

of my grandfather's ties to make these posters.

I remember and I have to laugh.

These were some of the

best nights of my life.










































































































































































Holler 100, the last of the monthly Holler series. Thanks Eric and Al's Bar!


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